Providing healthier product options is important to us, and we are happy to offer a huge selection of quality NON-GMO, Organic, Trans-Fat and PHO Free,

All-Natural, Allergen Free and GFSI Certified ingredients. We are continuously developing new products to meet the specialty needs of our customers and will guide you through the process of picking the right products for your particular needs. We stand behind the quality and integrity of our ingredients, and the environmentally and socially responsible way in which we choose to run our company. Here’s how:

  • Purchase only from vendors that will sign our Code of Business Conduct adhering to standards of California Transparency Act, safe EHS practices and authenticity guarantee
  • Using Energy efficient lighting and water conserving practices in our plant.  
  • Recycle materials and waste oils into biofuels to reduce Carbon Footprint and keep usable materials out of landfills.  
  • Provide fair wages, good working conditions and benefits to our employees
  • Actively seek sustainably growers, NON GMO, Organic, PHO Free, and Natural ingredients for our products
  • Use organic certified cleaners for our re-usable containers
  • Pest Control company uses Organic and environmentally friendly methods of pest control.
  • We support our community by donating to schools, food pantry programs, and health organizations.
  • We subscribe to trade organizations, educational resources, and government agencies to continuously grow as a company and learn how we can better protect our planet while creating business value for our suppliers, our customers, and our own bottom line in order to keep your costs down.

Certified under Global Food Safety Standards.


Healthy Oil Ingredient Solutions:
PHO Free and Trans Fat Free Products
“Natural” Products
Allergen Free Products.  

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